National Service Scheme (NSS)

There are two NSS units-one for men and one for women in the college.

Program officers:

One Lecturer in-charge of Men’s unit & One Lecturer in-charge of Women’s units

The Motto of NSS:

“Not for me But for You”

Activities :

  1. Social service and work experience.
  2. General education through planning forum and seminar.
  3. Literacy drive and social education.
  4. Campus work projects.
  5. Rover training Redcross activities and community living campus

Enrolment :

Any student of any class voluntarily coming forward may be enrolled.

Selection :

An intending participant shall apply in the prescribed form and will be selected on.

  • Past experience.
  • Extra curricular activities and
  • Through observation.

Time :

The students will undertake the project assigned to them during Sunday and no other days without disturbing normal study.

N.B.:Other informations regarding N.S.S. can be had from the N.S.S. Program Officer.