About Us

Welcome to the official website of Sriram Chandra Bhanj +3 Degree College, Ragdha, Mayurbhanj.

The enthusiasm and initiatives of the local intellectuals intentionally created a golden path to establish Sriram Chandra Bhanj Degree College in the year 1994 in a tribal village of Mayurbhanj district named Ragdha. The dreams come true as a result of untiring efforts of education lovers. Since higher education has gained enormous importance by our National Builders, this college is on the way to fulfill the intention of the constitution and fortunately it happens to be one of the premier higher educational institution of Mayurbhanj district.

SRIRAM CHANDRA BHANJ DEO Due to the sincere and selfless efforts of the Governing Body, the Arts faculty at the level of Degree opened in the year 1994-95 vide DHE, Odisha Order No.-37095//Dt.07.08.1996 and was affiliated to Utkal University, Vani Vihar, BBSR with subjects Economics, Political Science, Sanskrit, History, Education as optional (Pass) subjects. From the very first day of its inception the college has a strength of 128 students. After the establishment of North Orissa University, the affiliation was replaced to North Orissa University in the year 1998-99.
The year 2012-13 opened a new chapter in the short history of the college with the opening of honours subjects in different optional subjects vide RDE, BBSR Order No-12691//Dt.05.06.2013 and Order No.-16967//Dt.25.07.2013 and getting the Affiliation as the privilege of imparting UGC with 2(f) and 12 B status vide UGC Order No-.8-443/2012//Dt.09.11.2012. The college got Honours in Economics, Political Science, Education and Sanskrit with 16 seats each.
From the session 2016-17, all pass subjects were converted to Honours vide RDE, BBSR Order No-16346//Dt.08.11.2016 and from the session 2018-19 the college got permission for increase of seats from 128 to 192 vide RDE, Balasore Order No.-234//Dt.25.08.2018.

The year 2018-19 again brings joy for the college with the opening of Science stream (96 Seats) vide RDE, Balasore Order No-1649//Dt.18.12.2018 with Hons in Physics & Zoology with 24 Seats each and Chemistry, Botany & Mathematics with 16 Seats each.

The students of this college are sincere, honest and have proved their academic and athletic excellence. Besides curricular, the college also earned a good reputation in the field of co-curricular activities performed at the colleges. inter-college and inter-university level.

The college enjoys the status of an ideal institution headed by the dynamic president of the Governing Body and efficient Principal and equally co-operative and sympathetic staff members and the obedient students.

Hence the aim and aspirations of the founders as well as wishers of this nascent institution are certainly going to be fulfilled in a positive manner. Our college is marching ahead towards a brilliant future.

Let the pure perfume of sanctification burn always, rising higher and higher and straighter and straighter like the ceaseless prayer of integral being, desiring to unite with thee so as to manifest thee.

Brick by brick our college builds the Nation in education the students one by one. Collectively we put our college on the path of progress and prosperity.

Should we then not say that We build India together.